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EnviroCentre has experience of providing a wide range of environmental consultancy services to the construction and property development sector; supporting the development process from the pre-planning stages all the way through to post-construction monitoring.

The quantitative (noise, air quality, flood risk, ecology & trees), qualitative (landscape & visual, cultural heritage) and design elements of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), are all to accompany a planning application and assess potentially significant environmental effects.


The need for an EIA will be determined by the site (Schedule 1 or 2) and the current thresholds within that country. Schedule 1 sites such as refineries, motorways and quarries over 25ha will always require an EIA, whereas Schedule 2 urban development sites will be subject to thresholds. 

The Development Process: 

Ecology & Trees

International and domestic legislation, along with national and local policy, ensure that ecological considerations are given throughout the planning process.

In the pre-planning stages, our ecology team can assess the feasibility of your site; creating an Ecological Constraints and Opportunities Plan (ECOP).

Targeted surveys, including protected species, can also be carried out by our team to support your planning application.


Additional ecology services from EnviroCentre to support the development process include, but are not limited to, protected species licence support, pre-construction checks, post-construction monitoring and Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW).

The Development Process: 


Involving EnviroCentre's water team in the early stages of your project will help to streamline the planning process and enhance the overall quality of your development; protecting the water environment through sustainable design.

Our water services are designed to support each stage of your project; from flood risk assessment in the pre-planning/planning stages, through to Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) licensing, construction sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), pollution prevention planning, water quality monitoring and beyond.

EnviroCentre's service offering also extends to Environmental Clerk of Works (EnvCoW) to ensure compliance with regulations.

The Development Process: 


EnviroCentre has undertaken a variety of geo-environmental projects for clients in the construction and property development sector.

A site investigation and risk assessment are conducted to inform remedial requirements for a site, ahead of redevelopment.

Remedial works from past projects have included the treatment, capping or isolation and storage of contaminated soils, in addition to the treatment of contaminated groundwater; removing thousands of litres of free phase hydrocarbon sediments.


Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

With the construction sector striving to become more sustainable, assessment methods such as BREEAM, can be a powerful tool to demonstrate sustainable development.

Our BREEAM Assessor, Dr Ian Buchan, is qualified to undertake all types of Non-Domestic BREEAM Assessments under the BREEAM New Construction 2014 scheme.

To determine the BREEAM rating, each building development is assessed across 10 BREEAM categories comprising:



Health &












Land Use & Ecology





In each category, there are minimum criteria that must be achieved, and additional credits can be made for specific innovations. These BREEAM credits are then combined to produce a single overall score and rating: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.

There are three stages to the BREEAM assessment procedure:

The BREEAM pre-assessment provides advice on the sustainability of a development and the elements that need to be incorporated into the detailed design and cost plan.

 The BREEAM design stage   assessment is based upon   evidence supplied by the   design team; the scheme is   assessed against the credit   criteria and a design stage   certificate is provided. 

At the BREEAM post-construction stage assessment, the final certified BREEAM assessment is carried out prior to handover and based on the evidence collected and a site inspection; a final certificate is presented with the rating of the building.




In addition to our qualified BREEAM Assessor, EnviroCentre can also provide the following complementary services:

Provision of suitably qualified ecologists 

Development of Travel Plans 

Flood Risk Assessments 

Development of Site Waste Management Plans

Stakeholder engagement and consultation 

On-site supervision (Environmental And Ecological Clerks of Works) 

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