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EnviroCentre has extensive experience in providing environmental consultancy services for a variety of clients within the engineering and infrastructure sector. 


Our multidisciplinary team's expertise extends across several disciplines including: environmental impact assessment, water management and engineering, ecology, and geo-environmental, with an abundance of sub-specialties represented throughout the team.

Select a category below to learn more about the services that EnviroCentre can provide for your project.


Our environmental services can be tailored to your project; from railways and roads, to airports, ports and harbours; supporting your project as it creates or improves the vital infrastructure that connects people and places, goods and services.

Whether it’s an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a motorway, a flood risk assessment for a railway or environmental compliance for an airport, EnviroCentre’s capabilities extend beyond this for a more augmented service offering.

EnviroCentre works with a variety of organisations within the energy sector and provides environmental services for energy infrastructure development such as new wind farms or electrical substations.


Harnessing the power of the elements for a more sustainable source of energy has gained more traction in recent decades as wind farms, solar panels and hydro schemes become a more familiar sight across our landscape. 

However, fuels such as nuclear, oil and gas are still the conventional sources of power, as the infrastructure for harnessing renewable energy is not currently developed enough to meet 100% of demand.

EnviroCentre is experienced in providing environmental services for projects relating to all energy infrastructure; from pre-construction surveys and water quality monitoring for wind farms, to aquatic ecology for hydro schemes and surface water drainage strategies for substations. EnviroCentre can also provide remediation works for brownfield sites, such as former power plants, ahead of redevelopment.

EnviroCentre's water management and engineering services include hydrological modelling and flood risk assessments in addition to other services such as river restoration.


EnviroCentre has a range of services available to support water infrastructure and enable effective management of this essential resource.


Water management practices are varied and are responsible for the storage, treatment and distribution of our drinking water supply as well as drainage systems, sewage, flood control systems, coastal management and irrigation. 


Fluvial and coastal flood risk assessments can be carried out by our team to inform control systems, whilst river and coastal engineering and restoration services can be implemented to mitigate these effects. 


Our team’s experience also extends to water quality monitoring, sediment sampling and analysis, water supply risk assessment and feasibility studies, pollution prevention and surface water management as well as fish pass feasibility and design.


Additional services are available and will depend on your project requirements. Contact us for more information.

EnviroCentre's geo-environmental team offer a range of services in the area of waste management. These include, but are not limited to, contaminated land and sediment assessment, site investigations, site mitigation and landfill gas monitoring.


Managing waste effectively is important for human health, protecting the environment and the animals within it.


Ineffective waste management, in some areas, has led to a build up of plastic and other waste on our beaches, endangering local wildlife and sparking initiatives to combat the issue.

EnviroCentre offers a number of services relating to waste management, contaminated land and sediments, including environmental permitting and the monitoring of landfill gas.

Our environmental services support communications and grid infrastructure development through activities such as environmental impact assessments, habitat and vegetation surveys and construction noise monitoring.


As technology advances, the demand for greater speed and connectivity has rapidly increased, putting pressure on companies specialising in telecommunications to improve the existing infrastructure in order to meet the demands of their customers and attract new ones.

Whether you’re installing a mobile phone mast, landlines or fibre optic cables, consideration will need to be given to the surrounding environment and the impact the installation may have. Our related services include Environmental Impact Assessments as well as studies on water environment, ecology, geology and soils, and construction noise.


Please contact us for any queries relating to our services for the engineering and infrastructure sector.