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Supplying millions of homes and businesses with power every day, grid infrastructure has become the backbone of our economy, enabling industries and powering homes.


We have become reliant upon the grid to deliver on demand, from artificial lighting and cooking, to recycling plants, the stock exchange and air traffic control. To meet demand, an uninterrupted supply of electricity and natural gas is required, along with the infrastructure to support generation and delivery.

EnviroCentre has provided environmental services for a multitude of projects within the grid infrastructure sector. These have included upgrades to transmission lines, major new infrastructure consents, as well as connections to hydro schemes and wind farms.

 Renewable Energy 

Renewable and alternative energy sources capable of powering the grid range from solar, wave and tidal, to wind farms, hydro schemes and biomass.


Our team has significant experience when it comes to providing environmental consultancy services for wind farms. Whether your project requires an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), pre-construction surveys, Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW), or other environmental services, our multidisciplinary team can help you meet your objectives.

We have experience in creating a variety of management plans for wind farms including, but not limited to, species protection, habitat management, ornithology monitoring, drainage, waste management, peat management, pollution prevention, fisheries management and water quality monitoring.

Post-construction monitoring can also be carried out by our team for birds, tree planting, bracken control and other activities.

EnviroCentre has supported a wide range of hydro schemes over the years, from hydrological assessments, outline designs and consultation with regulatory stakeholders, to the production of Construction Method Statements, Environmental Management Plans and ECoW during construction.

We are looking forward to creating and strengthening our partnerships within this sector over the coming decades, as the infrastructure for the generation and distribution of renewable energy develops further.

 Conventional Energy 

The use of conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels may have seen a dramatic decline in the last decade, as the demand for renewable energy sources to power the grid has risen; however, the infrastructure in many cases still remain. 


The brownfield sites, occupied by disused power plants, can be repurposed in many cases, providing that proper measures are taken to reduce the risk to human health, wildlife and the environment.


EnviroCentre offers services in contaminated land and sediments, which fall within the scope of our geo-environmental work. Site investigations can be carried out by our team to inform remedial works for soil and groundwater treatment where necessary.

Natural gas is used more than other fossil fuels when it comes to powering the electrical grid and is also distributed to millions of homes, schools and businesses via an extensive pipe network. Natural gas goes through a refining process where impurities are removed prior to distribution.


Refineries are classed as a ‘Schedule 1’ site and therefore, require an Environmental Impact Assessment to be carried out as part of the development process; a service which EnviroCentre can provide.

 Transmission & Distribution 

Connecting people with power requires effective transmission from the energy source to the grid.


Electrical substations need to be maintained to perform effectively and increase their longevity. EnviroCentre can carry out flood risk and drainage assessments in addition to offering drainage strategy, flood management and noise assessment services to support the grid infrastructure sector.

EnviroCentre’s project experience includes the provision of environmental services for proposed overhead transmission lines and grid connection lines. Services engaged include EIAs, where studies on the water environment, ecology, geology and soils, and construction noise were carried out. 


For more details on the services we can provide and to discuss your project, contact us today.