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We understand that unmentionable economic uncertainties are causing delays across the development industry. However we would advise that if/when these obstacles are removed there is likely to be a surge in development planning activity. This is likely to cause resourcing and delivery issues both within commercial supply chains (i.e. the likes of us) and Local Authorities (and other regulators).

In our experience the collection of site data can effect timescales to complete environmental assessments, such as noise, air quality and transport. It is therefore important to highlight that noise monitoring and traffic surveys (data required as input parameters for noise and air dispersion models) can only be collected out with school holiday periods. In addition noise monitoring is weather dependant with favourable conditions being relatively dry and calm which can limit the monitoring window further.

We are currently in the school Easter holiday period with the duration of the summer term being circa 10 weeks before schools finish up for the summer holidays. As the weather in May/June are traditionally more settled than other months, we recommend that if you have sites currently on hold as a result of the current economic uncertainties but are intending on submitting a planning application prior to October 2019, you consider collecting noise and traffic data as a minimum prior to the summer school holiday.

This data would then be available when the economy stabilises and there is a push to submit planning applications.

So book early to avoid disappointment!

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