Community Drop-in Event Held for Oban Flood Study

Oban flood study: community drop-in event.

Approximately 30 members of the local community came to the Rockfield Centre in Oban on Wednesday 27th June to tell us about their experiences of flooding in the area. Four local Councillors and several Community Council members were also in attendance.

We heard a broad range of stories and collected photos and information on the nature of flooding in the town and the consequences felt by those affected. Many shared good ideas about how they would like to see flooding being managed in the future, and would be keen to be involved in the next consultation event.

Community drop-in event held for Oban flood study.

If you have any photos, videos or other information you would like to share about flooding in the town of Oban, it can be sent to:

(Please note: this address is for the purposes of collecting data specific to this study only. For all other flooding enquiries please contact Argyll & Bute Council at:

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