Our EIA team is comprised of specialists who together provide an integrated multi-disciplinary service in support of our clients development aspirations, whether the need is for planning consent, licensing or permitting requirements. Our services include the following:

Environmental Planning

Our team are experts at managing the EIA process and compiling the resulting Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR). We are most effective at supporting the environmental planning process when part of the development design team. In this role we’re able to shape and influence the design iteration to help our clients avoid potentially significant environmental constraints. Our EIA team has been successful at managing the EIA process for developments in a range of sectors, including residential, infrastructure, retail, ports/harbours, energy & renewables and healthcare. 
Environmental Impact Assessment
We benefit from having specialist in-house assessors who work together to evaluate the range of topics covered by EIA, such as ecology, hydrology (including flood risk), land quality, air quality and environmental noise. Our teams also work across the terrestrial and marine EIA planning regimes.

In delivering our EIA service we routinely undertake the following tasks:

  • Advice during project feasibility studies
  • Advice in the need for EIA and submission of screening assessments
  • Undertake scoping discussions with planning authorities and other consultees, including facilitating and coordinating consultation workshops and events
  • Completion of EIA for baseline data collection to determination significant effects
  • Compilation of Environmental Statement and supporting volumes
  • Complete the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) support on compliance with the CEMP using our Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW) team

Environmental Consenting

EnviroCentre work across a wide range of industries and businesses and can provide clients support achieve their requirements with respect to environmental consents, permits and exemptions. Our team can assist in regulator consultation, compiling applications and producing the relevant supporting documents as required.

Examples of consenting we can provide support on include:

  • Marine Construction and Pre-Dredge Applications
  • PPC Permitting
  • Waste Management Licensing and Exemptions

Strategic Environmental Appraisal

EnviroCentre enable our clients to protect the environment and promote sustainable development by integrating environmental considerations within plans, programmes and strategies, as required by the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.
The Regulations requires the effects of Plans/ Programme/ Strategies on the environment to be assessed and taken into consideration.

These plans, programmes and strategies include (among others):

  • Local Development Plans
  • Local Development Frameworks 
  • Local Transport Strategies
EnviroCentre provides technical support to National and Local Authorities in addressing the requirements of the (SEA) Regulations when preparing their plans. The potential environmental effects include human effects, such as health and material assets, as well as effects upon the natural and historic environment.

EnviroCentre has experience in:

  • Establishing the environmental baseline
  • Deciding the scope of the SEA and consulting upon the Scoping Report
  • Assessing the effects of the plan, and its alternatives, which are documented in the Environmental Report, together with mitigation measures to address any significant effects
  • Conducting consultation on the draft plan and the Environmental Report
  • Identifying a monitoring regime for any significant effects of the plan
Our SEA experience, combined with our ability to undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s), has enabled us to provide clients with expertise to undertake SEAs in accordance with the Regulations.
We can either provide an additional resource to support Local Authorities through the SEA Process, or undertake the data gathering, assessment and reporting on their behalf.

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Please call your local office to discuss your requirements with a member of the Environmental Impact Assessment Team or alternatively, email us at info@envirocentre.co.uk